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Website applications are internet-based software applications that allow access from a variety of browsers and platforms. At ITC we have app developers who create intuitive and streamlined web applications that help take your business to another level. Developing a web application that auto adjusts itself when viewed on a PC or a Mobile device is an excellent way to develop and release a product quickly. Taking this approach also helps to save investing and maintaining separate versions of the same product across various technology platforms.

We promise you 3 things:

  • ­­Your app will be beautiful
  • ­­Your app will perform
  • ­­Your app will be used.

If you’d like to find out more about web-based applications, which technologies to use and how they could benefit your organisation then please contact us.

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Our Web App Development Process

The Web App Development Lifecycle is significantly similar to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)


All apps start with an idea, even if yours is just to have a mobile app presence. We will help you refine that idea into a solid basis for an application.

We start this process by deeply analyzing all your core competencies and shortcomings. At this stage, we get to know everything about you, right from your objectives, to your resources, rivals, and risks involved.

We gather all the project related requirements from you and transform it into an extensive venture plan. Based on that, we create a roadmap that will take care of all the project related milestones or breakthroughs, at an affordable cost, with the help of a timely and cohesive development team.


We initially make a set of prototypes for your project. Once sanctioned from your side, these visual wireframes will serve as a quick source for the general format in addition to the overall look of your undertaking, setting a right example for your application’s imaginative execution.

These models convey the genuine feel of how the venture would go about in further configuration & coding stages. We carve out an app outline that combines most recent UI and UX patterns, converting the already approved application designs into a dummy client interface for further tasks.

This permits the task group to dissect, test, and refine your project outline in terms of hierarchical and ergonomical components before beginning with the full-fledged process. This guarantees that your application will deliver one of a kind appealing personality, leaving an enduring positive impact on client’s loyal audience.


Once we decide what functionality to implement, we create a wireframe to understand how to connect the classes, functions, features, databases, and other technical stuff with one another.

After defining everything and inter-relating every single screen with one another, we start with the coding process. Our development is an iterative process where we make continuous changes as far as the coding is concerned until and unless we get the expected results.

From iOS to Android, Windows, or Cross-Platform, our versatile development team has the latest devices and right skills to convey strong thoughts into an innovative reality.


This stage regularly includes generation and client-based alpha and beta testing, reconciliation with external frameworks, and additionally long haul maintenance and development planning.

At ITC, we take Testing and QA very seriously, and follow standardized testing methodologies at every step of the development process to ensure 100% bug-free apps.

As problems are discovered in this phase, we reassign tasks back to developers so that the problems can be resolved and the issues closed out. Once testing has been completed and each task is done, move on to deployment.


After months of planning and preparation, the go-live date is finally here. After the app is fully developed and tested, it is deployed into the app world. We absolutely make sure that everything works and that we are releasing quality Web App to the users. Our project team will not wait until the go-live phase of the project to start thinking about deploying the App. Go live considerations start weeks, if not months, before the actual go-live.

There are a number of items on our go-live readiness plan to consider when determining if the Web App is ready to go live. Most importantly, we will start by making sure that all User Acceptance Testing (UAT) items have been closed or addressed. This includes making sure that all defects that have been logged and updated in the test environment and there is a solid migration plan to production.