IT Support and Maintenance Services

Moving to new software and systems can be a challenge. At ITC, we’re here to take away the challenges associated with post-implementation. What can we assist with?

Post Implementation Support

ITC’s Implementation Support is the final phase in the project development and implementation process. After “go-live” and training is completed, our involvement with your company does not end there. Having an adequate level of resources with the appropriate requisite skill set is paramount in ensuring a successful production environment after go-live. Things may so happen that:

  • ­Staff sometimes forgets how an infrequently used feature is to be employed.
  • ­A staff member may be substituting for someone and be somewhat unfamiliar with their normal processes.
  • ­Process changes may generate a question as to how to most effectively utilize system capabilities
  • ­No solution involving software or hardware is 100% perfect and error or bug free.
  • ­Whatever situation arises, our friendly experienced support staff is available to help with your staff’s problems and answer their questions.

Our support services are available to you and your staff via:

  • ­­Phone
  • ­­Remote connection
  • ­­Onsite visits
  • ­­Email

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IT Support and Maintenance Services

Our comprehensive mobile app development strategy ensures a perfectly crafted website for your business.


In this stage we’ll work with you on the implementation of your new systems and software. We will make sure your end users are trained and up to speed on the changes and ready to work with it.

ITC offers on-site instructor led training classes and remote training using web meeting capabilities. Training strategies are tailored to user preferences. Historically we partner with our clients to implement a “train the trainer” approach. In this approach ITC’s trainers teach your system administrators and super users, who in turn help users incorporate the system into their daily practices by:

  • ­Instructing other users within their institution how to use the software
  • Explaining how to incorporate the software into their internal systems and procedures
  • ­Teaching how to request assistance from IT Works or customer service staff.


We’re here to help when issues arise. From phone or live chat options, our team can assist with any problems. Support includes assisting client project managers, super users, and/or IT or system administrators in two areas: application support and technical support.

Application support addresses issues involving core functionality, basic application configuration, user security and setup, and other user interface and training issues.

Technical support addresses issues involving software upgrades, database issues, import and export processes, interfaces / integration with other systems, as well as troubleshooting related network and email issues.


Recently undergone a new software implementation? Our consultants can assist with post-implementation support and get your organization up and running on your new systems as quickly as possible. Whether we developed the system for you or it was development elsewhere, we can still help out.

As you work with your new systems we want to make sure you’re successful. From custom training to new product introductions and post-implementation health checks, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your new systems.