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Do you dream of owning your own online store? Do you have grand visions of working from your laptop selling products and services through the internet? ECommerce offers a vast opportunity for entrepreneurs like you. Whether this is your first time setting up a small business or you’ve been in the game for a while, we can help you to have your storefront up and running, including products, within a few days. Deliverables:

  • ­­Attractive and responsive web design that attracts customers.
  • ­­Intuitive website navigation that converts visitors into buyers.
  • ­Digital marketing strategy to boost sales and grow your business online.

Having successfully implemented hundreds of complex eCommerce solutions across a broad spectrum of industry verticals, our qualified and dedicated professional team has ample capability to manage your unique requirements.

Our team will expertly guide your project from proof-of-concept to implementation, followed by deep performance tuning to ensure your continued online success.

By purchasing one of our eCommerce Packages, we can develop and launch your online shop in a few days. Stay ahead of your competitors with ITC eCommerce consulting services.

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Our eCommerce Development Process

Our comprehensive eCommerce development strategy ensures a perfectly crafted website for your business.


Consultation encompasses a wide variety of information gathered for e-business planning and prospecting. We sit down with you and gather as much information as we can regarding your online business ideas, products, market trends, competitors, etc. We also utilize extensive Internet research data relevant to your business. Free ecommerce research found online is not always accurate but can be useful to track opinions, profiles and customer behavior. We use research of trends to predict the content, products and services your potential buyers will find most attractive in your niche market. Our Market research also reduces unnecessary expenses, making developers and web businesses anticipate industry trends.

Once the goals and the timelines are set, our next step is to strategize. Thinking out of the box for innovative solutions is our forte. Uncompromising on principles and quality in the work front, we arrive at the perfect eCommerce strategy for your online business.


The next stage is to design and build your eCommerce website. No matter which Shopping Cart system you choose, and regardless of how you choose to configure it, you will need our expertise to develop a great eCommerce website. ECommerce website development may be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be when the right tools are available. With the help of select website building tools we can have your site online in a few days. The development process includes:

  • Select a Shopping Cart system e.g Shopify, Magento, etc
  • Designing the look and feel of the eCommerce Store
  • Set Up The Payment Gateway and offline payment options
  • Secure Your Website By Installing SSL Certificate
  • Integrate a Delivery Partner if required.

Final Site

Implementing an e-commerce shopping cart gives your business the ability to sell your products online day and night, reach new clients, target your ideal market, establish a strong brand, and build closer relationships with your customers by improving their purchasing experience.

We will implement the technological environment for your business to enter the market, compete successfully and grow. We will deploy a fully responsive eCommerce solution with marketing software embedded to automate activities tricky for manual execution: automated digital marketing campaigns, emails with dynamic content based on a recipient, tracking social mentions, or analyzing marketing performance.

Features of an eCommerce Website

Focus on Product
Product Details
Product Filtering
Shopping Cart
Delivery Options
Payment Systems